Election Results

In a sad day for San Antonio politics, rampantly pro-abortion Mayoral candidate Ron Nirenberg beat Mayor Ivy Taylor by a large margin.

While Taylor had the support of conservative Christians during her first campaign, she lost that undivided support this time around, in part because of her weak record on pro-life issues. During her time in office, Taylor failed to appoint pro-life people to any boards or commissions, and refused to take a firm stance against the opening of a Planned Parenthood facility on 2140 Babcock. She was inconsistent on other family-related issues as well; she was against the Non-Discrimination Ordinance, but also against the SB 6 “Bathroom Bill.” While Taylor was clearly a more conservative candidate than Nirenberg, the fact that she was not solid on life and family issues contributed to her loss of votes.

Nirenberg’s victory could be attributed in part to the changing political climate, with San Antonio voters becoming more liberal, and the backlash anger over Donald Trump’s Presidency.

Nirenberg is an enemy of traditional family values, supporting Planned Parenthood and the LGBT agenda.

The majority of candidates currently elected to City Council are progressives. This new Council might push to expand the unjust Non Discrimination Ordinance and to remove the location restrictions on abortion facilities.

The results of this election highlight the need for strong, principled conservative candidates, and remind us that we need to fight even harder in the next election.

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