Panel: Inclusiveness Matters in the Making of a City

A panel of urban experts is analyzing ways in which communities can better influence how development proceeds to the benefit of all socioeconomic groups in San Antonio.

“It’s almost like we have to sneak in social goods into the planning [and] technical realities of infrastructure,” said panelist Martin Felsen, a Chicago-based architecture professor.

The panel is employing a socialist ideology that includes the disordered idea that it take a village to raise a family.

It takes a family to raise the village. Following natural law and order and having the political communities promote natural lifestyles, marriage between one man and one woman for life, bring open to children is what made SA great and bestowed the long term prosperity we enjoy currently.

Inclusiveness of unnatural lifestyles can lead to some short term profit but leads to disease, death and long term domestic failure. SA has been a leader in a bad way in the state of TX for syphilis cases. According to Bexar County and the CDC, 92% of all syphilis cases result from MSM. Homosexual men have life spans 20 yrs shorter than heterosexual men.

The latest wave of AIDS epidemic is in boys & young men who are being pursued by homosexually active men. This is part of the NAMBLA twisted mission. These men are infected with AIDS and are infecting these boys (below the age of consent) and young men.

Inclusiveness is good as long as we’re not promoting promiscuity and perversion. These are acts of selfishness and are contrary to having a selfless and healthy inclusive society.

The family is the building block of society. And the family is made up of a husband and a wife and their children. A strong family builds a strong community.

Healthy, strong families lead to lower health costs as they lead natural lives. As children are born and families grow, the economy grows making development possible.

Temperate lifestyles, prudent infrastructure and merciful justice, consistent public safety, selfless love (not self-seeking luv) lead to the makings of a city and keeping it!

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