Why French women are quitting the pill

Increasingly women in France  are dropping the contraceptive pill and avoiding hormonal contraceptives in general. In a HuffPost article, independent journalist and French public radio host Sabrina Debusquat explains  that she conducted a survey of 3,616 French women who had taken the pill and found out why 91 percent had stopped at least one time.

The top reason why women quit the pill is “side effects that are [considered] benign but problematic.”

No one talks about the suffering caused by contraceptives (90 percent of which is borne by women), or the pollution generated by synthetic hormones.

A substantial 71.5 percent of the respondents said they experienced positive effects from stopping the pill, such as improved libido (70%), feeling reconnected to oneself and one’s body (59.2%), fewer mood swings, depression, or unexplained anxiety (34.8%), weight loss (29.2%), more energy (25.5%).

More and more people are communicating effectively about fertility awareness to the French public – for example: Cycles Naturel, Sympto.org, Pryska DuCoeur Joly. It’s exciting to see the growing interest in family planning approaches that answer Sabrina Debusquat’s quest for a method without side-effects.

Women’s quest for better family planning methods is becoming universal.

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