Georgia drag queen story time in Atlanta

A drag queen story time session for children in Atlanta, Georgia?

We don’t have drug addicts read stories about acceptance of narcotics or drug addiction to our children, nor do we have an alcoholic storytelling to children about the need to accept alcoholics in their lives.

Why not?

Because these addictions are bad lifestyle choices, but the LGBT community is telling us they are born this way and society must accept them and their chosen lifestyle. This is not true according to very recently released scientific data.

Sexual orientation, according to the American Psychological Association, “refers to the sex of those to whom one is sexually and romantically attracted.” The massive change over a short period of time in sexual orientation in Britain can only be explained in one of two ways: biology or biology combined with the environment.

Biology – The argument that sexual orientation is solely a biological phenomenon is extraordinarily weak. Evolution does not favor high prevalence of homosexual attraction. Homosexuality prevents reproduction, the chief goal of natural selection; while some scientists make the case that homosexuality has been preserved evolutionary in order to preserve altruism for purposes of “kin selection,” a high prevalence of homosexual attraction would threaten population growth.

Furthermore, since homosexual activity is highly linked in the human population to higher rates of disease and lower life expectancy, the notion that evolution would favor higher rates of homosexuality would be a difficult one to support. And even if one could make that argument, the skyrocketing rate of non-heterosexual sexual orientation would not multiply from 12 percent to 54 percent in two generations through pure natural selection.

You have to wonder, what are these parents thinking? At what point would something like this be considered abuse or neglect on the parents part, or at the very least, lack of good judgment?

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