SA Mayor and City Council want to regulate smoking, but have abortion be unrestricted

San Antonio City Council today approved a new law prohibiting merchants in the city limits from selling tobacco products to anyone under 21 years old.

Based on CoSA actions to “protect those under 21,” it’s not okay to have low birth weights due to smoking, but it is okay to have no birth weights due to surgical abortion.

This time 3 years ago the fight to stop the illegal zoning of “Planned Parenthood’s” new abortion facility officially began. This was a moral issue to stop a criminal act allowing abortion businesses to move within 50 feet of family homes that also impacts the primary moral issue of the right to life and the willful harming of women by modern day mercenaries, like PPACT and PPSouthTexas.

Progressives who voted to pass Tobacco 21 today think adulthood and tobacco should be regulated because it’s a health and “moral” issue. They show their ignorance and ideology as they try to regulate free will on a prudential judgment issue (that if tobacco is abused would be immoral) while simultaneously removing regulations on the (most popular elective) surgical procedure called abortion (which is always immoral except to truly save the life of the mother, in which case it is different kind of surgery with the tragic side effect of an abortion).

CoSA Council & Mayor Ron Nirenberg show their blatant ideological bias again by their inconsistent application of morality and health standards.

They think it’s unacceptable for a teen to smoke while pregnant as it brings about low birth weights, but it’s perfectly fine for that same teen to abort her baby. By helping position ppST to be illegally zoned and in business to take the teen’s (and some tax payer) money, they have shown that they think it is better to kill that baby who might otherwise be born with a low birth weight. Moronic twisted ideology.

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