San Antonio City Council Approves Planned Parenthood Doctor to be Medical Director


UPDATED: The City of San Antonio continues to be supportive of “Planned Parenthood”. On August 6, 2015, the City Council approved “Planned Parenthood” doctor Chichi Junda Woo, OB/GYN, to be the Medical Director of the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District (SAMHD). A brief Google search of Dr. Woo reveals that she is a medical provider for the Planned Parenthood at 104 Babcock and five other “Planned Parenthood” facilities. In fact, almost every listing for Dr. Woo on Google and Bing connect her to “Planned Parenthood”. This indicates a close relationship with the abortion provider. One page lists 104 Babcock as her primary office for billing (

As an OB/GYN for Planned Parenthood, it is likely (probably more than likely) that Dr. Woo, provided abortion services. This means far from neutral on the position of abortion, the Mayor and City Council by their vote have endorsed “Planned Parenthood” and its promotion of abortion. The result is that the lead local health authority for San Antonio and the surrounding area is a doctor who, because of her longstanding relationship and services provided at Planned Parenthood obviously supports the “Planned Parenthood” agenda for sex education and its pro-abortion policies. This is concerning given that “Planned Parenthood’s” view of sex education and abortion is contrary to Christian principles and the views of most in the San Antonio area. It seems Christian values were not a consideration for the Mayor and City Council.

This isn’t the first time the City has shown support for “Planned Parenthood”. Zoning requirements were waived or ignored by the Department of Developmental Services (DSD) at “Planned Parenthood’s” new 2140 Babcock location. Zoned as a C-1, the location is prohibited by the City’s Unified Development Code (UDC) from having cold storage and operating rooms, yet has two operating rooms and cold storage on site. “Planned Parenthood” hid their identity under the “Delantero” corporation during the time for a zoning appeal. Brazening, “Delantero” is the Spanish word for “a front.” Only after the time period to appeal its construction approval passed did “Planned Parenthood” become recognized as the operator of the facility. The DSD has justified denying a Board of Adjustment review of the zoning to Dreamhill Estates residents and citizens of San Antonio based on this shell game. City Councilman Ron Nirenberg’s strong support for “Planned Parenthood” is evidenced in his reported comment, “Planned Parenthood deserves to be here.”

Even before the zoning issue the City of San Antonio has shown a bent to support the “Planned Parenthood” agenda for drug-based sexual education and reproduction. Mayor Ivy Taylor has been on the board of Healthy Futures Texas which uses the same curriculum for sex education as “Planned Parenthood” (needless to say it is not abstinence-only or chastity-based). Further the City approved funding to the SAMHD to administer Depo Provera and Nexoplanon to teen minority girls in 2014. Though this funding did not go to “Planned Parenthood”, the philosophy is the same and puts teen girls at greater risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and the incredibly harmful side effects of these drugs including increased cancer risks and bone density loss.

Dr. Woo’s appointment, on top of the zoning issue, the Mayor’s involvement with Healthy Futures, Ron Nirenberg’s outspoken support for Planned Parenthood in his district (2140 Babcock), and the City Council’s support for funding SAMHD to chemical sterilize minority teen girls with Depo Provera and Nexoplanon; raise considerable concern about the pro-“Planned Parenthood” agenda of this San Antonio City government. We can only assume that Dr. Woo will lead consistent with her “Planned Parenthood” history. With co-responsibility of the $42 million dollar annual budget and almost 1700 employees under her authority, Dr. Woo will wield considerable influence in San Antonio and the surrounding area.

Do we really want a “Planned Parenthood” doctor to have such authority? The recent Center for Medical Progress videos have revealed that “Planned Parenthood” engages in the selling of baby body parts, compromises women’s health by choosing riskier procedures to procure the children’s organs or birth them whole, and does so, at times without any patient consent. Is having a doctor who has possibly participated in such activities as the Medical Director for the SAMHD appropriate? And if our Mayor and City Council believe it is, do they actually represent the pro-life, pro-family values of San Antonio?




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