HHS Report Shows Lack of Effectiveness for “Comprehensive” Sex Ed

HHS report illustrates that Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) is ineffective. Most CSE programs are not abstinence or Chastity based but Contraception based curriculums that introduce children to risk reduction programs instead of risk avoidance so they can tout an evidence base to show effectiveness. It seems that the HHS’ evidence shows SRR curriculums are not that effective.

Reality is that “Comprehensive Sex Education” curriculums are actually very much a part of “Planned Parenthood’s” business model to get children to participate in sex experimentation at an earlier age, cloaked as benign ifcondoms or other forms of contraception are used, that will inevitably lead to an “Unplanned Pregnancy” so that the new pregnant girl goes to a ppFA affiliate to buy a chemical or surgical abortion on their own or by the new teen mom’s parents, grandparents of the unborn child. Taxpayers need to know this objective truth. #StopCSE #CSEharmsChildren

Read the full article here.

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