The Fruitful, The Sterile, and The Abominable: A response to the Pollcast poll on homosexuality

We all sin and have sinned. Even the just man sins seven times a day. However, the danger in our contemporary culture is that certain people are trying to change what sin is. This is particularly important when it comes to protecting life and health of the poor. When people tell women in crisis that it’s not really a baby, but only a clump of cells, and that it’s your body so it’s your choice, they are trying to cast aside the reality of another human person, the sin of abortion and the Commandment, Thou Shall Not Kill.

Closely akin to these efforts are the progressive efforts to convince people that homosexuality or sodomy is not a sin but a personal choice and whatever you choose is perfectly normal. It’s not normal or natural and it is very unhealthy for people engaged in that depravity. Yet, all forms of unchastity, heterosexual or homosexual, are sins. Heterosexual sex before marriage (fornication) is a sin. Contraception, used in or out of marriage, is a sin and very closely aligned to homosexuality. Much like masturbation, contraception condones and promotes sterile or unfruitful sexual intercourse, even if sex is itself a natural act.

All sexual intercourse is geared towards a total gift of self from the husband to his wife and vice versa. It is meant to be unitive and procreative, to be good and healthy, so that married couples can experience a glimmer of the kind of love God wants to share with us; total, free, faithful and fruitful. Sexual depravity, whether heterosexual or homosexual, is a mortal sin. Any mortal sin will put one on a freight train to hell.

So it’s up to us to help. Whether someone struggles with same-sex attraction and acts, or a heterosexual porn addiction. We must help them come to a greater understanding of the dignity of each and every human person, born or unborn. We must remind them of Whose image we each were made in, and The Way to find true peace, joy, good health and real happiness.

So consider answering the poll. It will give you a sense of the contemporary culture of selfishness and self-seeking pleasure.  Know, however, that once you acknowledge that homosexuality is a sin, we are each called to examine our own lives to root out our own sins of unchastity and selfish pleasure, especially when we use someone else to try to achieve it. It is only then that we can begin a real dialogue to look at those suffering from homosexuality and love them as Jesus looked at and loved the rich young man who couldn’t bring himself to give up his own physical attachments of this life in to the earth. Then we can learn to detach ourselves from earthly materials and flesh in order to overcome our interior evil inclinations. That is the only way we can find real peace, as individuals and as a world. It would be good for each person to consider resolving how to root out or correct any sexual unchastity: natural, in or out of marriage; unnatural; or any sterile sex acts that cannot bear fruit. Food for thought.

While it doesn’t matter what the public opinion is, sin is sin. Yet, the contemporary thought process will illustrate our status as a neo-pagan society falling away from the knowledge of God, and provide evidence of our failure to remember and teach as believers are called to do, through God’s teachings given to Moses and Joshua.
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