Planned Parenthood Asks Judge to Let It Continue Killing Babies in Dismemberment Abortions

Abortion facilities in Texas argue that they should be allowed to rip an unborn baby apart in the womb and pull out the pieces while his or her heart is still beating.

Thursday was the first day of a Texas court battle between the abortion industry and pro-life state officials.

One abortionist testified that dismembering nearly fully-formed unborn babies while their hearts are beating should remain legal because it is the safest and best second-trimester abortion method.

Earlier this year, the abortion chains Whole Woman’s Health and Planned Parenthood, along with other pro-abortion groups, challenged Texas Senate Bill 8, which prohibits dismemberment abortions, a method typically used in the second trimester to kill nearly fully-formed, living unborn babies. It is a barbaric and dangerous procedure in which the unborn baby is ripped apart in the womb and pulled out in pieces while his or her heart is still beating.

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