Dear Cosmopolitan: Your evil sexual advice is literally destroying countless women

Parents, if you are reading this, you need to be paying attention to what your teen children are reading. These magazines are not harmless, as some might assume. They are promoting a very specific worldview, and they are doing it with the help of glossy pinups, celebrity interviews, fashion advice—and loads of sex tips. Most significantly, these magazines are sending the message to your daughter that this sort of lifestyle is normal—everyone is frolicking around in the hookup culture, so make sure you don’t get left out.

Glamour Magazine has actually promoted dangerous “at-home” abortions.

Teen Vogue recently decided to shill for porn-addicted young men everywhere and published a handy guide promoting anal sex to young girls, despite the fact that doctors are reporting a huge influx of girls that need to be stitched up—and are even using tampons in their bottoms—due to how damaging these practices are.

And now, Cosmopolitan has released an article titled “8 Reasons You Should Rethink Your Stance on Cheating.”

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