Embezzlement probe rocks Centro San Antonio

Four years ago, Pat DiGiovanni, a former deputy to City Manager Sheryl Sculley, was issued a “letter of admonition” from the city’s Ethics Review Board for “unknowingly” violating San Antonio’s code of ethics. Now, the Centro San Antonio president and CEO resigned Tuesday after news of the theft of $175,000 broke. Although DiGiovanni was not implicated in the embezzlement, he claims he quit to “restore order and regain the people’s trust.” A source claims his resignation was due to “lax oversight” at Centro.

San Antonio City Hall (and Bexar County commissioners’ court) politics seem to be an incestuous swamp, and these problems will continue until there is a city (and county) Ethics Review Board that is independent of the city manager and the city (and county) political influence. Perhaps it should be under the County District Attorney’s office.

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