Pagan goddess in San Pedro Creek

The pagan goddess statue that’s planned for the San Pedro Creek area, part of the SA River Authority controlled public property, is creating some controversy.

The statue is titled ‘Plethora’ and it is being erected with nearly a million dollars of taxpayer money on county owned land, which violates the Establishment of Religion Clause of both the Texas and U.S Constitution.

The artist has stated the statue is the likeness of a goddess: “the sculpture is an allegorical representation of an archetypal goddess, evoking an image of a maternal, providing protector who is however venerated and powerful.” (The Rivard Report, October 28, 2016)

A spokesperson from the County is claiming that statue is NOT the likeness of any goddess and comments made by the artist who created ‘Plethora’ were taken out of context. The spokesperson says that the statue is actually a representation of everybody, a representation of the many cultures that reside in Bexar County.

Work to put the statue in place is scheduled to start next month and it should be completed before the city’s Tricentennial celebrations get underway next year.

Will you join me in signing a letter like this to oppose Bexar County spending $735,000 to build a pagan goddess statue in San Pedro Park?

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