The Truth Behind ‘Transgender’ Deaths

Media hype to advance the LGBT agenda, or just more fake news?

According to many mainstream media outlets, November 20 was “International Transgender Day of Remembrance” memorializing the deaths of transgender people who were victims of violence. The list of these victims contains about 300 names. Even one victim is too many, on this at least most people agree.

One news outlet quoted a “Transgender” activist declaring, “We are facing a national epidemic of violence [against ‘transgenders’].”

However, more American Christians were recently killed in a single day as they peacefully gathered to worship their Creator.

Following this horrific event, virtually no one in the mainstream American media wanted to talk about how Christians in the U.S. are suffering an “epidemic” of violence or even that we are merely increasingly under attack.

This is just one of many ways the media distorts the facts and changes the cultural focus. News is a real heavy responsibility, that is if you really take accurate reporting seriously, but it seems many don’t.

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