Mayor Nirenberg moves City Charter Amendments to November election, dismisses Charter Review Commission

City News: Mayor Nirenberg has moved the City Charter Amendments to the November election and dismissed the Charter Review Commission originally appointed by Mayor Ivy Taylor and the previous Council. In a tyrannical move, Nirenberg disbanded the previous CRC being run by a former Councilman who was being open to Citizen Amendments, transparent, judicious and prudential. It seems Nirenberg became irritated and impatient with the former Committee’s leadership’s desire for an open process and his inability to control them and the process. Now he can re-organize the CRC and appoint his fellow progressive allies to fill and run the CRC to advance his agenda. Consider applying to serve on the CRC with your respective Councilman to help bring common sense to the Committee. Is it any wonder that the SAFD and Firemen are working to gather enough signatures to force the City to include proposed Amendments by several different organizations?

To read more about the Charter Review Commission, click here.

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