Reclaim San Antonio!

With attacks on family values in San Antonio like never before, we need to fight back and let our elected officials know that we will not tolerate assaults on natural marriage and the family, or the promotion of unhealthy lifestyles choices!

We cannot be silent when our government is undermining the foundation of our society.

SAFA is working to improve our digital communications to facilitate rapid, effective communication with the City of San Antonio, Bexar County Commissioners Court, NEISD, SEISD, and SAISD, which will not only allow us to keep you up to date on family issues in local government, but will also allow YOU to communicate with these entities and make your voice heard.

To do this, we need to raise $5,700 by March 7, and we need your help! Please consider supporting SAFA in this endeavor to restore traditional family values in our local government.

Any amount helps! We are so grateful for your generosity and your commitment to the SAFA mission of protecting, defending and promoting the family, the building block of society.

The critical nature of this is exemplified by the recent attack on marriage and the family by the Bexar County Commissioners Court pandering to the LGBQT community, which represents less than 3% of the population. Commissioner Paul Elinodo was questioned at the Stonewall Democrat forum as to when the BCCC was going to incorporate LGBQT protections into their HR policy, Not only did the BCCC respond favorably, they voted unanimously  to the suggested changes, and added ‘gender expression,’ a contrived human notion that people can change their gender moment by moment based on how they feel.

Government has a duty to uphold marriage, protect family, and promote genuinely healthy lifestyles. Following natural law and order and having political communities promote natural lifestyles (marriage between one man and one woman for life, bring open to children) is what leads to long term domestic prosperity. A strong family builds a strong community. Healthy, strong families lead to lower health costs as they lead natural lives. As children are born and families grow, the economy grows making development possible.

The importance of the family for the life and well-being of society entails a particular responsibility for society to support and strengthen marriage and the family. Civil authority should consider it a grave duty to acknowledge the true nature of marriage and the family, to protect and foster them, to safeguard public morality, and promote domestic prosperity. (CCC 2210)

SA was founded 300 years ago on natural law and Christian principles, and the BCCC is attacking the very foundation of our society, all for pandering to a very small portion of the community who are seeking their god of government’s approval of an unnatural and unhealthy lifestyle, for which the taxpayers will foot the bill. If SA keeps going down this road, we won’t last another 300 years.

We need to act now to save our city. SA is the heart of Texas. Where SA goes, Texas will follow, and after that, the rest of the United States.

Donate now to help save our city from a renegade government! 

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