Fire union files petitions for San Antonio charter-amendment election

The San Antonio Professional Fire Fighters Association filed three petitions on Wednesday after collecting enough signatures to force them to be on the ballot in November to change the San Antonio City Charter.

Of the three, the one that really helps the families and citizens of San Antonio is the petition that would drop the threshold for signatures collected on any referenda, against bad legislation, will change form 10% of registered votes to 20,000 signatures and extend the amount of time to collect these signatures from 40 days to 180 days.

This is huge because when we fought the City Council with the Fire Fighters to stop the bad street car on Broadway a few years back, without this new change if it were today, we would need to collect about 90,000 signatures in 40 days, which is almost impossible.

But, with this new potential Charter change, if it passes, we would need only 20,000 signatures within 180 days, which is a lot more realistic.

City legislators/politicians are concerned because they cannot just pass bad legislation anymore without recourse.

Our Mayor Ron Nirenberg is upset that if it passes, citizens will now be able to hold City Council more accountable. In this progressive city, that is bad news for politicians, they don’t like to be held accountable.

Expect the City Council to be against this Charter change completely, their negative stance will confirm that it is probably a great Charter change.

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