After 14-Y-O Daughter Kills Herself, Devastated Parents Want Netflix to Pull ’13 Reasons Why’

A basic Netflix subscription allows children and teens access to watch 13 Reasons Why, a story about the 13 reasons why a high school girl committed suicide.

Last year, millions of children and teens watched a fellow teen commit the most graphically explicit suicide ever depicted on TV—without any warnings to parents that such content existed.

The impact of this series’ first season was powerful and intense: millions of children watched…and Google searches for “How to commit suicide” spiked 26 percent. There were even news reports of children taking their own lives after the series was released a year ago.

Parents may think that Netflix is “safer” for their families than other forms of entertainment, but the reality is that it isn’t. As the season 2 premiere of 13 Reasons Why approaches, parents need to be aware of the insidious digital media culture that is engulfing our children and teens.

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