Bill Nye the Science Guy Headlines Fundraiser for Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Two days ago at the Rivercenter Marriot, SAFA supporters gathered outside to protest “Planned Parenthood” South Texas’ annual luncheon.

Bill Nye “the Science Guy,” once the beloved figure of the popular PBS children’s show, was the headliner for the event. Nye fundraised for the killing of innocent pre-born children and gave a talk in which he renewed his call for population control in response to climate change.

Nye, whose actual, scientific credentials consist of a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, focused on climate change in his talk and reportedly discussed “evidence that explosive population growth is a major factor driving it.”

Apparently, he has not read the studies on the myth of population control. The study concludes that every soul in the whole world could live in the great state of Texas with approximately 1/2 acre per family.

Nye also praised the nation’s largest abortion provider for efforts to raise the quality of life for women and emphasized that this was one way to address climate change, saying this would lead to “fewer kids.”

To see footage of the protest, click here.

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Headlining this year’s event for the San Antonio supporters of death is Bill Nye.

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