Celebrating Progress in this Tricentennial Year

Article contributed by Friends of SAFA

A sinister shadow seems to be moving across what ought to be a celebration for the Republican Party of Bexar County (RPBC). On May 22, 2018, the RPBC came together and elected for the first time a woman to be RPBC Chairman. Not only did Republicans in Bexar County elect a woman, but also, they elected a woman with deep historical ties to the City of San Antonio being the descendant of Juan Leal Goraz, the first mayor of San Antonio.1 Retrieved from http://cynthiabrehm.com/bio/ In a time when Republicans have been often painted as the anti-woman, anti-minority party; Cynthia Brehm’s victory for RPBC Chairman as a woman and a Hispanic is something that all Republicans in Bexar County ought to be proud of supporting.

However, some within the RPBC are trying to undermine the results of the election. Obviously having sour grapes, they are raising issues related to Cynthia’s personal and family life. Digging deep into her personal life they have found that Cynthia has had her own #metoo moment and are attempting to disqualify her for having overcome personal adversity instead of simply settling for being a victim. Rather than highlighting her character, her commitment and her steadfastness in the face of personal trial, these pot-stirrers are trying to convince others that Cynthia Brehm is not the candidate she said she was.

Cynthia Brehm’s candidate website opens with a summary statement of her person, “Cynthia Brehm is a Christian, a retired Army wife, a grandmother, a community activist, and a public servant.”2Ibid. For the mudslingers’ comments to be true, they would need to introduce evidence that Cynthia’s presentation of herself is inconsistent with the dirt they are now throwing at her. Rather than contradicting her claims, the dirt being thrown confirms that not only is Cynthia the person she presented herself to be, but, a great person to lead the RPBC at this time.

Like all of us, Cynthia has a past. Her marriage isn’t perfect. Cynthia’s husband, Norm had committed an offense against her and against her family. His actions were perceived to create an unsafe environment for her child and were a deep offense and heartache to her. She could have taken the easier path of divorce. No one would have blamed her and some would have applauded her decision. Instead, she insured her daughter’s safety, participated willingly and actively in a legal process against her own husband, yet remained his wife in obedience to the vows she made before God.

In the end the legal case against her husband ended in his exoneration. Norm continued his military career until his retirement and honorable discharge. Today he still works as a military contractor. Cynthia’s family is intact, reconciled and her husband now shares the same Christian faith that Cynthia demonstrated when she chose to fight for her family instead of walking out the door. Cynthia didn’t just post that she was a “Christian” on her website for voters to see, but 20 years ago, when it mattered to her family, she lived out her faith.

One has to wonder what type of person would find fault with a woman who lived out her faith commitment to God or use a painful personal trial where Cynthia could be easily characterized as the “victim” as a bat to further beat her 20 years after the fact. But then again, we’ve recently witnessed losers of elections or those on the opposing party’s side of politics try to personally destroy President Trump by referencing his biography instead of focusing on the daily fulfillment of his campaign promises. It truly is a shame that within Bexar County politics the tactics of “fake news” and politics of “personal destruction” are being used by some against our own to subvert the clear will of the people the support of Cynthia Brehm.

Cynthia Brehm, however isn’t “fake news” but the real deal. She stated she was a Christian, and she walked by faith when it personally hurt her and cost her to do so. In so doing her family was saved, her daughter and husband reconciled, and her commitment to Christ demonstrated. This is the kind of character and commitment the Bexar County Republican Party needs in their chairman.

It isn’t just Cynthia’s Christian faith that is the real deal. Everything else she has claimed during this campaign is exactly who she is. Those of you involved in the Bexar County Republican Party know that. You have seen her at the events and you have seen her willing to get her hands dirty. You know how she has supported conservative causes and conservative candidates. You voted for her because her track record is known to you. You know that at every level Cynthia has proven herself a hard worker and a winner.

The sinister shadow won’t last long because light always dispels darkness. Cynthia knows this because she has seen the light overcome the dark moments of her marriage. Her personal biography has taught her to look beyond the difficulties of the moment and through faith in God and in fulfillment to the commitments she has made she will be faithful to her promises. She’s proven it and deserves to be applauded instead of criticized. But then again, there are some among us who always seem to tear others down.

We at Friends of SAFA aren’t among her critics. We will hold her accountable to continue steadfastly in her future commitments, just as she has in her past. As a family organization, we applaud Cynthia’s commitment to her marriage and rejoice in the miracle of God restoring her family. Our mission is to protect, defend and promote the family as the building block to society. We can think of no other candidate who was in this race for this office who embodies this type of more than commitment than Cynthia Brehm. Therefore we celebrate her victory, especially in this tricentennial year, as we look forward to her leadership, and offer her our continued support.

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