Texas Town Elects Gay Air Force Veteran Known For Wearing High Heels

On Saturday, 62 percent of voters in Del Rio ― located about 110 miles west of San Antonio ― elected homosexual Air Force veteran Bruno Ralphy Lozano as its mayor.

The 35-year-old Lozano is both the town’s youngest mayor and first open homosexual official. He previously served as a security law enforcement officer in the Air Force and then was an activist who worked to help clean up local waterways, according to OutInSA.com.

So, exactly how does electing the youngest openly homosexual to office as Mayor in Del Rio help families in the city?

Most Hispanics hold traditional values like marriage, family, and pro-life?

Clearly, Ralphy Lozano has a very different idea as to what marriage, family, and maybe even life issues are?

Other than the fact that the far left is pushing their twisted ideologies on the poor and the ignorant migrant, the citizens of Del Rio and the poor county will be changed, probably not for the better.

Mayor Ralphy Lozano will definitely govern on generational change and will destroy Del Rio with his “new ideas, and new vision of the future.”

He will most likely legislate sexual orientation and gender identity and other progressive legislation ideologies that the city of Del Rio will not recognize.

This election is proof that all citizens need to be participants in the election process and get involved and educate themselves on the cultural issues of today.

This is what happens when apathy runs deep, 41,000 residence in Del Pio and only 3,500 voters cast ballots in the mayoral election.

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