Transparency out in RNC decision

No transparency on Republican National Convention decision by our City Council?

It is a very rare thing to see the San Antonio Family Association agreeing with opinionist Brian Chasnoff at the failing business paper Express News, but believe it or not, we do agree on governmental transparency.

However, Chasnoff says it is significantly out of character for Mayor Nirenberg to be secretive and not transparent, we disagree with that part.

Mayor Ron Nirenberg wants to look transparent, but really is not transparent when you have an agenda to transpose our beautiful city into a liberal Meca by snuffing out all conservatives and public discourse, you simply cannot be transparent.

Nirenberg wants to snuff out any conservative initiative in San Antonio, this incident is absolute proof, and many say is illegal, a blatant mistake, it broke the laws of Texas Open Meetings Act.

Who is going to hold him and City Council accountable?

To read more from Express News, click here.

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