City Council to approve donation agreement for rainbow crosswalk

Is public safety being made secondary for a special interest group to get government approval of a crosswalk to promote an unnatural, unhealthy lifestyles that becomes government speech? According to the Council meeting, the City is putting forth only the money that would be required to paint a crosswalk anyway. All other funds for installation and maintenance reportedly have been donated from Councilman Roberto Treviño’s campaign account, City Manager Sheryl Sculley and others whom Treviño thanked for their participation in the process since the Non-Discrimination Ordinance (NDO) including his predecessor, Diego Bernal. This is CoSA Council A Session Agenda Item 18 being discussed right now.

The rainbow was a symbol of God’s covenant with Noah & his wife and family not to a disordered and depraved lifestyle.

1. Project Map, 2. Donation Agreement, 3. Cost Estimate & Overview, 4. Draft Ordinance

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