Roe v. Wade has brought women grief. It’s time to acknowledge it

Girls and women have been fed this insidious and destructive lie ever since abortion was first legalized in the United States in 1973. “This is not a baby we are dealing with, and we’ll come up with a whole plethora of other terms to prove it.”

Women have also been fed the lie that this law is a win for their freedom. In reality, the freedom to abort naturally fosters the attitude in society that an unintended pregnancy is “her” problem.

Reading between the lines, even Copaken isn’t really talking about choice at all. She relates what she considers insurmountable problems of particular pregnancies which make it unreasonable to continue — reasons like insufficient finances, relationship instability and lack of health care provisions.

Suddenly, we’re not talking about “choice” any more, but a kind of coercion by circumstance.

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