Female teens transitioning to males are five times more likely to attempt suicide than male teens, study shows

Why would female teens who unnaturally try to transition to males be more likely to attempt suicide?

Could it be that the transgender movement lifestyle is empty, full of lies, unhealthy, and unnatural?

It is very sad that the LGBT community does not address this. Perhaps it gets in the way of their agenda that is full of selfishness, objectification and using others for their own benefit? I have yet to see warnings or compassionate hands reaching out, to tell the truth to young people.

Every person is precious, unique and not repeatable, we must respect all human beings. So the truth about this is loving and respecting them as a human being.

More than 50 percent of adolescent females transitioning to the opposite gender tried committing suicide, according to a Tuesday study that asked a number of respondents with various gender identities about suicide attempts.

Unfortunately, the LGBT community would blame this on the nonacceptance of their lifestyle, and this is not true in today’s twisted ideology.

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