Mayor Ron Nirenberg personally attacks SAFA

“You [SAFA] bullied Council in 2015 to stop (abortionist) Chichi Junda Woo from being appointed [as Public Health Authority].”
Mayor Ron Nirenberg, Sept. 26, 2018

This is like being the SA Express News attacking us, it’s considered a nadir if honor.

In a self-admitted stump speech for the #GoVoteNo Political Action Committee Campaign, while speaking in an official capacity for the CoSA, Mayor Ron Nirenberg personally attacked SAFA after being questioned about City Manager’s broken processes and bad Council decisions.

Candidly, we want supporters to know that SAFA works extremely hard to be gentle yet bold, persuasive in education and advocacy to be effective. Moreover, it’s because you, #SAFA supporters, responded to our request to consider contacting the Mayor and Council and that’s what made the effort so effective.

So if you ever wondered if SAFA can be influential, you proved it with your Citizen input via contacting your elected officials. Keep it up!

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