SAFA Matching Gift Hour to Benefit GRN

Article contributed by Saint Anthony Family Association 

We had two great fraternal times and events on Sept 1 & 3. with the San Antonio Family Association Charity Dove Hunts. Yet, we fell short of our Matching Goal to Catholic Radio/GRN so far. We are trying to give $18,500 as a matching gift tomorrow, Friday at 5 pm. We will be live on 89.7 FM from 5-6 pm.

In this time of scandal and crisis in The Church in America, we need to promote and educate on The Truth more now than ever to fortify Catholics and educate all people for God’s glory and their good. The best tool is Catholic Radio and here locally it’s GRN.

Would you help SAFA do this by giving $1000?

If not, what can you give to help SAFA reach its goal?

We are $7300 short currently.

Thank you for your consideration!

You can give online here.

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