September District 9 Neighborhood Alliance Meeting

The District 9 Neighborhood Alliance meeting last evening looked like a Democrat Convention. There were no Republican candidates or signage there but there were multiple Democrat Candidates and signage with the GoVoteNo Campaign staff that includes spokesman Mayor Ron Nirenberg. They were obviously traveling together.

If the three Propositions A, B & C are so potentially cataclysmic as the Mayor states, why weren’t both sides give an opportunity to speak? The #D9NA President admitted that he only wanted to hear from the (progressive) Mayor and his opposition to the Propositions and that he did not invite the spokesman. It seems that ideologically biased people are controlling not only a majority of the City but also outside organizations being run by people vying to curry favor with the powers that be. This is unethical way of handling the situation and evidence that if people get educated on the issues the City officials know that citizens will vote YES to the #Propositions on the Nov. 6th #election.

Therefore, the City is using scare tactics and mushroom management of keeping people in the dark and feeding them manure to try to persuade the ordinary person to vote no so that they can continue their internal special interest ideologies (like passing the “NonDiscrimination” Ordinance, allowing “Planned Parenthood” to illegally exist in C-1 zoned areas adjacent to residential neighborhoods, removing historic statues, promoting gun control, paying for #Rainbow Crosswalks, placing an abortionist as the local Public Health Authority, reimagining the #Alamo, etc.) to rule the day. Don’t let them scare you. Educate yourself and affirm better control and accountability of a rogue City of San Antonio Council (set on removing natural law from government). It’s crucial to our future to have more Accountability Before Citizens. Consider VOTING FOR Props A,B & C.  #Disrict9NeighborhoodAlliance

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