Attacks on our 300+ year San Antonio culture by the progressive City of San Antonio government

Attacks on our 300+ year San Antonio culture by the progressive City of San Antonio government will continue now that the election is over and Prop A failed. People were misled by fake news about more taxes and getting less. The #GoVoteYes PAC spent over $2,000,000 to convince voters that they would be taxed even more and get even less.

Since the Power of Referendum was changed in 1997 to its current status in the Charter, San Antonians have faced the greatest increases in taxes and increased taxation than in all the prior history of SA. One would to ask themselves if they feel they have received more or less, greater or worse services. Have road conditions improved?

Restoring the “People’s Tool” to its similar pre-1997 form that would be consistent with Texas State Statute would not only have brought about more government accountability but most likely less taxation.

Changing the referendum with Proposition A would have helped with the following issues:

•government mandated “Non Discrimination Ordinance” without a religious exemption creating a special protected class of people based on their chosen. unhealthy way of life (2013);

•the improper zoning of ppST abortuary at 2140Babcock (2014-15);

•the denouncing of Christianity and possible removal of historical federal holidays like Columbus Day (with Indigenous Peoples Day (2015);

•eliminating founder of Mission San Jose, Fr. Anthony Margil from history of SA (2015);

•the abuse of City Parks through special interests projects like Google Fiber Huts (2016);

•the removal of historical monuments like the Confederate Monument (2017);

•removal of historical monuments like the Congressional Confederate Monuments in Travis Park (2017);

•the moving the Christmas Tree from the Alamo to Travis Park (2017)

•the reimagining of Mission San Antonio de Valero aka the Alamo (2018);

•the moving of the Alamo Cenotaph (2018);

•government mandates including but not limited to the Mandatory Paid Sick Leave (2018)

•the Sanctuary City policies (2017),

•an Abortionist selected as Public Health Authority (2018)

•Money intended for UNESCO influence causing changes to Military City USA policies (2015)

•Old Hwy 90 name change (2015)

•$30,000,000 City Hall Renovation (2018)

This is good for thought I’m contemplating that the most important Proposition that was on the SA Mid Term Election Ballot didn’t pass. Anticipate even greater threats to the family, our culture and religious freedoms to come our way and We The People are very limited in being able to respond between Council Elections. Consider remaining ever vigilant.

Consider joining in and helping SAFA promote the family.

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