‘Good Morning America’ promotes child drag queen

Is Desmond amazing? Why, because he was exploited by the LGBT community and cheered on by the twisted culture of lost parents and adults?

When is this assault on our children and this madness going to end?

Now Good Morning America is promoting “Drag Kid” during the morning?

Good Morning America (should consider renaming it “Good Night America with this content) did an interview segment with an 11-year-old self-described “Androgynous Drag Kid.”

Pro-family activists denounced the segment as abuse and creepy.

Chad Felix Greene, who has same sex attractions, has denounced the LGBT movement for sexualizing children, which he called “abuse.”

Chad is correct, to some extent. He is making the assertion that there is a difference between the LGBT movement and the victims, in this case, the 11 year old child being exploited by the LGBT community.

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