State appeals court says Austin’s paid sick leave ordinance is unconstitutional

Government mandated paid sick leave ruled unconstitutional by Texas Appeals Court. First passed by the Austin City Council and subsequently passed by the San Antonio City Council both ordinances are now in jeopardy based on state appeals court ruling.

On August 16, the CoSA Council passed its version of the mandated paid sick leave to businesses due to a well-funded, well-organized coalition of living wage proponent groups’ petition. The Council passed it knowing the Texas Attorney General had already stated it was unconstitutional in a letter to Mayor Nirenberg. And the Mayor & Council discussed but refused to put it on the November Midterm #Election Ballot so the people could decide on the measure. Yet that same day they did agree to put the 3 San Antonio Professional Fire Fighters Association petitions on the Ballot.

If Proposition A had been passed on Nov. 6th, these kinds of special interest government mandates that are against the majority of the people could be stopped by citizens protecting long term domestic prosperity. This CoSA administration is being run by progressives pandering to micro-minority special interest groups even though these same people along with big government contractors projected the contrary in their GoVoteYes PAC campaign this confusing voters.

To read more from the Texas Tribune, click here.

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