Call to Action: SA City Council will appoint a homosexual female to Mayor’s Commission on the Status of Women

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Here we go again… SA City Council this Thursday, December 13, will appoint what appears to be a homosexual female to the Mayor’s Commission on the Status of Women.

She is Ruby Resendez, this time nominated by District 8’s Councilman, Manny Pelaez, to represent the District 8 slot on that commission. It is item no. 23C. on the Council A Session agenda. Note that it happens to be coupled with the nominee for District 2 for that commission, a Dr. Keely Petty.

If this is the same Ruby Resendez portrayed in this Out In SA article, she boasts that she co-founded “a small LGBT-owned and operated business” and that she is the “past president of the ‘San Antonio LGBT Chamber of Commerce’” where she is quoted that she has served as a board member since 2012 and that her paramour “partner” is Dr. Sharon Nichols, a professor at UTSA.

This is the second such appointment in just three weeks (last week Brielle Insler), and the third in just four months (former “planned parenthood”) abortionist, Chichi Junda Woo).

call to action

1.) Consider praying about this and contemplate what action you should take including contacting the Mayor and City Council.

2.) Consider today contacting via phone, fax & email your respective Councilman and Mayor Nirenberg, since each will vote on it — especially if you live in Manny Peleaz’ District 8.

Tell them that “you the citizen constituent and are sick and tired of them, our elected officials, appointing pro-abortion, pro-homosexual persons to City Boards and Commissions whose actions and recommendations will demoralize you, your family and your community as these appointees will eventually if not immediately usurp life, undermine marriage, attack family, and unknowingly promote domestic failure.”

Mayor and Councilmen email addresses:

3.) Go to the council meeting(s) this week and tell the elected officials in person.