Children: the trans money-maker

#BritishGP has been convicted of running an #Illegal #TransgenderClinicat which she provided hormones to minors, including one aged 12, despite being refused a license by the NHS regulator.

#DrHelenWebberley insisted she was innocent and warned that closing down her service meant that patients could come to harm.

However, since she charged between £75 (US$95) and £150 an hour she had a strong #FinancialIncentive to continue; it was her own pocket that was at risk of harm if she did not continue to offer these harmful “services”.

Dr Webberley acceded to these children’s wishes to change something as fundamental as their #BiologicalSex, despite constant publicity regarding the #Dangers of the #IternetInfluencing children to believe that their bodies are imperfect and need to be changed.

It seems that she acted without asking what was driving this sudden #Fashion, but rather profit from the trend.

Much like #Abortion, TransSexuals are being #Exploited by many for the #Money and not the real science.

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