Planned Parenthood finally admits abortion is its ‘core mission’

Planned Parenthood’s core mission.

For years, Planned Parenthood sought to publicly downplay the number of #abortions they perform by claiming it was just 3% of what they do.

But the group’s new leader told #Buzzfeed that abortion was #Integral to their organization.

“Our core mission is providing, protecting and expanding #Access to abortion and #Reproductive health care,” said #LeannaWen, President of Planned Parenthood.

So, this means infiltrate our schools and give them unfettered access to our youth and brainwash them into the drug of sex. Their first objective is to get your youth hooked on #Masterbation.

Once hooked, they have our youth for #Life, except when someone gets #Pregnant then #Life is the last thing anyone cares about.

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