Protect Texas Children Legislative Briefing: Has ComprehensiveSex Education (CSE) Gone Too Far?

Texas Family hosted TX Lege Briefing at the Capitol yesterday to help protect Texas Children in public schools. Over 100 people participated in the briefing, including state elected officials, experts and parents.

“Planned Parenthood’s” other non-profit arm called “Texas Freedom Network” was in attendance. Let us pray that their representatives learned some important facts and desire to stop Planning Promiscuity and begin genuinely helping Texas public school students.

Texas Family is a department of SAFA.

PLEASE consider: help support SAFA by giving a generous contribution. Events like this cost more than $4000 to put on. It was a great day. Will you help SAFA with your financial contribution as a thank you for daring to host such an educational event for Lawmakers and remaining ever vigilant for life, good health, family and long term domestic prosperity?