WSJ: Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria Is ‘Social Contagion’

Now even the Wall Street Journal is writing about the abuse on #GenderDysphoria.

Why would and economic paper care about this social issues/?

Because it jeopardizes the long-term domestic prosperity of our county and the financial system.

The #MedicalCommunity is far too #UnconditionallyAffirmative in its treatment of rapid onset #Gender #Dysphoria (ROGD), a Wall Street Journal op-ed argued Sunday, making ROGD an anomaly among social #Contagions.

We can see this when three close friends from Texas in middle school, all want to #Transition together.

Unlike traditional gender dysphoria, a “#Psychological affliction that begins in early childhood and is characterized by a severe and persistent feeling that one was born the wrong sex,” writes Abigail Shrier, ROGD is “a #SocialContagion that comes on suddenly in #Adolescence, afflicting teens who’d never exhibited any confusion about their sex.”

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