San Antonio celebrates 301 years of Christian heritage this month

On June 13, 1691, several people exercised an act of faith in God which planted a seed of faith in this area. That seed of faith germinated and blossomed anew and took the form of the city to be known as San Antonio on May 1 or 5 of 1718.

We now celebrate the 301 anniversary of the city of San Antonio, the city of Saint Anthony.

Now it is time for all people of faith to stand up and take to the public square to protect the future of the family.

The effort to reclaim San Antonio as a Judeo-Christian community begin with the undeniable and unalienable right to life and liberty. We must all begin working to protect all human life, born and unborn, upholding marriage between one man and woman; the building block of society the family is built upon. These efforts are what will lead to long-term prosperity.

Without these efforts, the new progressive ideology will continue to take over the city of Saint Anthony and continue to remove God from government. This will inevitably lead to the destruction of human life, and the destruction of marriage and the trust in the family that will result in long-term domestic failure here in San Antonio.

To have another great 300 years we must begin again today by honoring God, honoring human life, honoring marriage, and honoring the family, remembering that we are called to be a faithful not necessarily fruitful but yet we strive to bear fruit that will last.

So join with San Antonio Family Association, contribute to the San Antonio Family Association, and work with the San Antonio Family Association, and we will together reclaim San Antonio.

May God bless the City of San Antonio and all its inhabitants to protect life, liberty, marriage, family, freedom, and responsibility, and to vocalize the truth with effectiveness.

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