City Of San Antonio Is Not Cooperating With Chick-Fil-A Airport Concessions Investigation

Texas Showdown on Religious Liberty

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced Monday he is suing the City of San Antonio over its decision to ban Chick-Fil-A from San Antonio International Airport in March.

Paxton stated he filed a petition in Travis County District Court against the city seeking to compel it to hand over documents believed to be public under state law.

In a statement, the attorney general said the city council members who spearheaded the move to ban the Georgia-based chicken chain did not attempt to hide their #DiscriminatoryMotives.

“One branded the company out of line with ‘our core values as a city,’” Paxton wrote. “Yet another council member denounced Chick-fil-A as a ‘symbol of hate.’”

If you have a business or know of someone that has a business, these actions by the City Council of San Antonio should scare everyone, does not matter if you are a Democrat, Independent, or Republican.

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