No more “sweetheart” government deals for abortion businesses thanks to SB22.

Tx Lege Senate Bill 22, sponsored by Senator Donna Campbell and Representative Candy Noble, will protect taxpayers from funding abortion businesses like ‘Planned Parenthood,’ passed the 86th Tx Lege!

SB22 prohibits local governments from giving special deals to abortion providers. The need for this protection became evident when Austin gave “Planned Parenthood” (basically free) rent in a city-owned building for $1 a year for 20 years with the right to renew that cheap lease for another 20 years. Outrageous! That lease will cost $40 over a 40 year period for the rent cost of prime Austin real estate owned by #taxpayers which the progressive Austin Mayor & Council have misrepresented. 

What other businesses would like that deal?! SB22 will make this special deal illegal going forward.

The “Planned Parenthood” abortion business at 1823 E. 7th Street sits on City of Austin property. In exchange for using the land, “Planned Parenthood” will pay Austin taxpayers a measly $20 (over the next 20 years) in blood money. It’s a terrible deal that the Texas AG’s Office is fighting and the #TxLege has passed #SB22 to eliminate.

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