The light in the darkness: is there meaning to be found in the El Paso and Dayton massacres?

In the hours since 20 people were shot dead in El Paso, Texas, and 9 in Dayton, Ohio, the internet has been full of commentary on their deaths.

Two young killers, both white, both males, were responsible; why they did what they did is still a mystery.

The last moments of a couple in the El Paso Walmart show that there can be light in the darkness. To save his wife Jordan, Andre Anchondo stepped in front of her; to save their 2-months-old daughter, Jordan stepped in front of her. Andre and Jordan died; shielded by their bodies, their baby lived.

The love of this young couple will outlive the infamy of this hideous crime.

No doubt there are more stories like this, although most of them will remain untold.

When America kills their unborn children, euthanizes the aged, infirmed, and disabled, is there any reason we should ask why life is not valued in society today?

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