Austin approvals radical Sex Ed, opens government up to legal attacks

Texas Values Good has done patient & persevering work to present objective truth and what’s good for children and thereby all of us!

Austin ISD’s decision to adopt the unscientific, false & inappropriate Get Real sex education material scandalizes children and violates the public trust and parental rights by integrating depravity as a curriculum of basic learning.

This new curriculum is “Planned Parenthood’s” business model for planning promiscuity to generate business at the expense of children, their dignity, families and wastes taxpayer money.

Government bodies have a duty to safeguard public morality and promote domestic prosperity for the individual & common good similar to no drinking, no smoking and other risky behaviors before age 21.

It’s time Parents and all tax payers do what is necessary to protect children from vice-ridden, crude, unnatural & unhealthy behaviors that harm children, in fact all people and our society.

People must watch the video to see the vitriolic & depraved behavior of the people wallowing in and/or promoting the unnatural, unhealthy lifestyles at this link:

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