NEISD parents question sex-ed curriculm, “Draw the line, Respect the line”

PARENTS IN NEISD: Consider protecting your children from the bad “Draw The Line / Respect The Line” Sex Ed Curriculum approved by the #NEISD Board Of Trustees on May 9, 2016. It is scholastically inconsistent with all the other risky behavior teaching of the NEISD and intellectually dishonest. It does not pursue what is true or best for children. This “Sexual Risk Reduction” program plans promiscuity and is part of “Planned Parenthood’s” business plan to get young people in an “unplanned pregnancy”. Protect your children from being scandalized at the young ages of 11-13 in Middle School. Opt Out of the classes by not “Opting In” the classes. Classes begin very soon.

The curriculum, “DTL/RTL” was created in CALIFORNIA not Texas by #ETR which is a direct affiliate of “PP”.


NEISD parents question sex-ed curriculm…/neisd-parents-question-sex-ed…

Ask the school administration to show you the actual curriculum page by page.

Ask the school administration how this is consistent with all the other teaching on risky behavior teaching.

Ask the school administration for the pregnancy history of the #ISD since 2008 when they actually had a descent #SexualRiskAvoidance curriculum called #ChoosingTheBest.

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