Defend The Republic Legal Press Conference

Rudy Guliani gave a great summary of violations alleging widespread election fraud.

Sidney Powell stated:

One of the upper management of Dominion software was in charge of elections on Detroit! He could monitor the election and determine which disk to put on to manipulate the vote enough to beat Trump.

The number of votes for Trump so overwhelmed the cheating algorithm that they had to shut down the system.

Dominion offices being shut down and people scattered.

Dominion offices being shut down and people scattered. Trump campaign lawyer Rudy Giuliani claims it is clear that there was widespread voting fraud in the presidential election.


Supplemental article –

Trump-team lawyer Sidney Powell explains why ballot-counting suddenly stopped on election night

America, no matter what side you are on, need to know that the elections are not fraudulent. Sidney Powell, a current member of Trump’s legal team and a former federal prosecutor, discussed Dominion’s history of rigging elections in foreign countries with Newsmax’s Greg Kelly on his Nov. 17 show Greg Kelly Reports.“[T]he election could not have been more rigged than it was,” Powell said.