Success ACHIEVED to Protect Texas Children at the State Board of Education!!!

Since 2016, SAFA has been actively involved in educating on the dangers of “Comprehensive Sex Education” (CSE) and advocating for the protecting of Texas public school students from being scandalized by the #BigAbortionBusinesses and its affiliates.

“Planned Parenthood” and the “Texas Freedom Network” are conniving to gain more access to public school students as young as Middle School (11 -13 years old) to encourage and convince them that they are sexual beings not mere human beings and they should experiment, be safe & have fun.

Most Contraception-based Sexual Risk Reduction (SRR) education curriculum, what the progressives like to call “AbstinencePlus” with emphasis on the plus and they sell as “evidenced-based”, is scientifically inaccurate & ideologically-based #SexEd curriculum.

In January 2019, SAFA under its statewide banner, Texas Family hosted a critical Legislative Briefing at the Texas Capitol that included elected & public officials including SBOE Member and Texas Legislators. Presenting experts and participants from across the Lone Star State shared critical information about the graphic, age inappropriate & radical SexEd that was being shown to children at taxpayer expense and without the full knowledge or understanding, therefore, without the informed consent of parents.

Soon after, SAFA continued educating and then encouraged parents across the state to participate in the State Board Of Education Health Education curriculum review soon after the Legislative Briefing.

SAFA hosted multiple Parents DESERVE To Know What Their Children Are Being Taught In SexEd Seminars. Numerous Parents including Health Education and licensed nurses recruited by SAFA participated in the Texas Education Knowledge & Skills, Health TEKS Review Committees and testified before the SBOE about the harmful SRR, chemical-based contraception curriculum.

After much work and time educating, the SBOE did successfully vote to approve and finalize the healthier abstinence-focused health standards for students K-12 in Texas last Friday, Nov. 22.

Just under 20,000 parents and taxpayers requested the SBOE to clearly reject topics causing confusion like gender identity, sexual orientation, ElectiveAbortion, experimental and chemical-based contraceptive sex education. The ProAbortion and ProHomosexuality lobbies were defeated and yet they continue to try to tell people that more contraceptives can be promoted to children.

Sadly that’s already allowed as the Texas Education Code 28.004 already allows that as it states that only the majority of the SexEd has to be abstinence-based. SAFA is very thankful to all those who participated in this good work and persevered through to finish the process. And SAFA is grateful for the SBOE Members who voted to protect Texas children.

We are pleased that the Members of the State Board of Education decided to listen to parents and uphold health education standards that promote a majority of sexual risk avoidance (SRA) for children. Good work SBOE members who voted to protect Texas children from being desensitized to their dignity as individuals & unrepeatable human beings which is immensely greater than mere twisted, animalistic sexual beings.

These members have achieved that grave duty to
•acknowledge the true nature of marriage and the family, to
•protect and foster them, to
•safeguard public morality, and
•promote domestic prosperity on this Health TEKS Review vote.

A SPECIAL THANKS to Ken Mercer, Member District 5, who has worked tirelessly on the SBOE for 14 years to bring accurate and authentic materials to correctly educate Texas students. #KenMercer did not run for re-election this year and concludes his public service on the SBOE in January 2021.

These Health TEKS shouldn’t come up for review again for ten years. With your support, SAFA | Texas Family will continue to be here and notify you when and if it does.

Because Texans need to remember this kind of ideological, non-scientific based information/propaganda that the BigAbortionBusiness, ProHomosexuality and Radical Environmentalism eugenicists want to indoctrinate Texas children with taxpayer funds, here are some additional resources for your education collected by SAFA:

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