Redistricting Request for SBOE District 5

Dear Representative __________________________________:

As you meet in the 87th session of the Texas legislature, I respectfully ask that you would prioritize the redistricting of the State Board of Education District 5. This district switched from Republican to Democrat after decades of being a Republican district. The new Democrat SBOE member is one of the most liberal members of the board, who promotes radical comprehensive sex education, the Green New Deal and the 1619 Project. SBOE District 5 also had the largest number of voters of any SBOE district. There were over 1,000,000 voters!

The district is too large to be represented by only one SBOE member. Please make it a priority to promote the redistricting of SBOE district 5. We must ensure conservative policies in our schools and protect our children from political indoctrination and protect the rights of parents!

Thank you for your help!