Mayor & Council of SA Really Non-Partisan Or Is It An Official Legal Status For Show

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Rebuttal of Patrick Von Dohlen to KENS5 article:

“NonPartisan” races have allowed Democrats to sneak in under cloak & dagger cover to dominate Texas cities. While municipal races are officially non-partisan, they are highly partisan in reality. San Antonio actually began based on prayer with charity at its center yet the current Mayor passed an official “Compassionate City Charter” resolution in 2017. That official status has proven to be contradictory to the virtue of charity.

There is a difference in the way to fill in potholes, repair sanitary sewers, and deliver of reliable power and clean water. There is a difference between reality and a legally “official” status.

Ever since Julian Castro became Mayor of SA and now even more so under his mentee, Ron Nirenberg, the CoSA has become hyper-partisan and national political issues have become reality.

Socialist is not an official party in the state of Texas. Yet John Courage is a partisan and officially a hard Democrat who has run in partisan campaigns for Congress, State Rep., Congress, and State Senate as a Democrat. He has lied about his positions and continues to do so. He claims to be “your neighbor” and then goes downtown and stabs his neighbors in the back on values that don’t represent District9.

John Courage has sponsored:

•Gun Control measures in SA against US Constitution’s Second Amendment
•Local New Green Deal “CAAP” resulting in power outages in Feb. Freeze
•Anti-American BLM group against Police where he raised his fist

He’s voted for many other national political issues:
•Against REP National Convention from coming to SA
•ChemicalAbortion funding through Medicaid 1115 Waiver Funds (2017, 2020, 2021)
•Free College under the official guise of Workforce Training •Mandated Employer Paid Sick leave against the TX Constitution
•Stood in Mayoral Press Conference for Open Borders •Ratified Mayor’s first 5 Mayoral Disaster Declarations that restricted Houses of Worship and certain “non-essential” businesses from being open but allowed “Planned Parenthood South Texas” to remain open •Critical Race Theory under “Racism Is A Healthcare Crisis” Resolution •Defunded SAPD by $1.3 Million eradicating the nationally elite Critical Response Unit and transferring the unit to SA Metro Health
•Failed to take an official stand against Defunding The Police movement under the disguise of “accountability” of Proposition B (May 2021)So it’s time to inform former Mayor Henry Cisneros, who is an official Democrat himself, whether there’s a difference in the official non-partisanship that he continues to believe should exist versus reality.

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