San Antonian Patrick Von Dohlen’s Chick-fil-A lawsuit, ‘independent’ PAC

This article is from Friends of SAFA shared information regarding Patrick Von Dohlen’s response to Rick Casey’s article on San Antonio Report.

We’ll see if the state Supreme Court thinks the lawsuit is frivolous soon.

There is so much here to expose to the light of truth. The San Antonio Report’s Rick Casey’ article is riddled with half-truths that make outright lies through his contrived assertions.

Their progressive and socialist bias is what continues to glare at readers and a slap in the face of freedom-loving Americans.

The City of San Antonio drug its feet as slow as it could so that the lawsuit before the Texas Supreme Court would not become an issue in the May 1 election this year. It would’ve spelled certain doom for Mayor Ron Nirenberg, Councilman Roberto Treviño, and Councilmen Manny Pelaez.

For the record, John Courage voted against Council Member Rebecca Viagran’s motion to table the vote to ban Chick-fil-A from the airport. By voting this way, he helped the vote on the ban to go forward and then voted against the ban because it was politically expedient for him.

FYI, he’s been endorsed again by the Stonewall Democrats and other ultra-progressive groups like Bernie Sanders’ Our Revolution that repeatedly attacked #ChickFilA for its previous stance on Traditional Marriage.

He’s a politician and knew exactly what he was doing to make sure he made a great political vote that saved his reelection for 2019. The devil is in the details we always hear and in this case, the devil is in the semantics and that’s what John Courage has hidden behind for years now.

It’s time to send John Courage home to be retired full-time so he can go about his progressively socialist ways but without abusing your taxpayer dollars and stabbing his neighbors in the back with his socialist, unconstitutional and anti-American votes on City Council.

SaveChickFilA Legal Case – Business Owner Conscience Rights and Religious Liberty – Case Detail


Lawsuit is not frivolous as it is still in progress with the Texas Supreme Court.