‘Signers’ distance themselves from USCCB agenda letter

Archbishop Dennis Schnurr of Cincinnati did not give permission for his name to be added to a letter that urged a discussion of “Eucharistic coherence” be dropped from the USCCB’s June agenda, a spokesman for the archbishop has told The Pillar

In addition to Schnurr, other bishops listed as signatories when the letter was sent May 13 have since distanced themselves from it.

Bishop Michael Sis of San Angelo, who was listed as a signatory when the letter was sent May 13, told The Pillar on Tuesday that he had since requested to be disaffiliated from the letter.

“On May 11, I agreed to be a signer of the letter,” Sis told The Pillar by email. “Then, after further reflection, on May 20 I officially asked to have my name removed from the letter, because I believe it would be beneficial for the Doctrine Committee to continue to work on this matter without delay.”