SAFA helped pass an Amendment to HB25 that was added today.Happening TODAY at the Capitol:Strangely enough, Texas Statute didn’t have a definition of SEX. Our world is so upside down that Texas needs to define SEX now. After encouraging several state legislators to define SEX in one of the two gender protection bills in the Texas Legislature Special Sessions, the SAFA amendment called the “Rep. Slayton Amendment” has been added to the Female Athlete Protection Bill, author Rep. Swanson, that is getting closer to passed by the State House hopefully today.

Here’s how the definition of SEX worked out:

“that biological sex means the physical condition of being male or female as determined by the sex organs, chromosomes, and endogenous profile of the individual at birth”Pray that Legislators exercise fortitude to defend girls dignity in sports and protect girls in public facilities by voting for House Bill 25.

By God’s grace we will get the votes to pass HB25 and thereby take a step forward to protect girls in San Antonio after Mayor Ron Nirenberg and SA City Council, including Councilman John Courage, recently passed a “Transgenderism Resolution” to allow and encourage boys to compete in girl sports against girls and use female facilities.

Another legislative issue accomplished by SAFA! Woohoo!!

Help SAFA to continue improving the life of individuals & the family in Texas!

Pray for the pro-family legislators to persevere TODAY and get the Protection of Female Athletes Bill passed in the #TxLege.