San Antonio Report Community Advisory Board – Are You Represented?

Progressive San Antonio Report creates a new Community Advisory Board “chosen to provide different perspectives” and to “represent a broad range of businesses and nonprofit organizations with areas of expertise ranging from health care to technology startups”.

Where are the conservative, natural familial and patriotic groups to actually expand the very progressive online paper’s representation???

Pro Open Border

The SA Report has selected ultra-progressive groups like the anti-police “Fix SAPD”, pro-open border “MALDEF” and pro-no ID election laws “Move Texas” as well as the anti-SAPD past City Manager Sheryl Sculley to be on its new “Community Advisory Board”. Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) with Bexar County and CoSA has sued the State of Texas over Anti-Sactuary City Law (TxLege SB4 2017) that prohibits Cities from harboring illegal immigrants against state immigration laws and allows Texas to restrict state tax dollars if Cities like the City of San Antonio (CoSA) violate state law.

Pro No-ID election Laws

So do you feel represented?

Consider letting the SA Report and Robert Rivard know your thoughts by emailing and

Ask if they truly want San Antonians represented.

Anti-SAPD Former San Antonio City Manager

•Where are the groups representing the hard working, married to the complimentary/opposite sex spouses with naturally born & adopted children families represented?
•Where is the pro-police group?
•Where is the patriotic group?
•Where is the conservative group?
•Where is the historical (Christopher Columbus (statue)) society group?
•Where is the pro-Election Integrity group?
•Where is the pro-family group?