Prepare for your rate increase for utilities!

SA City Council only need to rubber stamp CPS Energy Board voted unanimously on!!

Summary of the CPSENERGY Board Meeting situation given by Patrick Von Dohlen attending meeting on Monday, January 10, 2022:

•This is management by crisis!!! It won’t change and Mr Steen knows it and said as much on his prepared statement. Mr. Kelley stated that this cannot happen like this again. But they both permissively voted for both items.
•Chair Mackey is a “yes man” to the powers that be… based on his comments after Trustee Steen’s comments•Doesn’t seem like much diversity of thought based on the action taken action as the pressure was noticeably on for the Board to vote in unison so it sent the unified message to SA Council to pass the rate hike.
•City gave CPS $20,000,000 to mitigate situation already – well why wouldn’t the City bail out their CPSEnergy “golden goose” as 14% of CPSEnergy revenue goes to the CoSA which is considerably more valuable
•Remember Interim CEO Rudy was the CPSEnergy Marketing Director who had to go sell CPSEnergy after “URI” carrying the water to help people drink the koolaid that CPSEnergy did the best it could and responded to rate payers after the Feb Freeze
•Did you know that the February Freeze was named “Uri”?
•After spending more than $100,000,000 on “green energy” and shutting down reliable “dirty” Coal Plant energy, CPSEnergy is not able to satisfy consumer demand especially in extreme weather and won’t be prepared in the future as its focused on going 100% unreliable “green energy”
•Conservation of energy is a “force majeure” to rate payers who have no energy choice and are required to use CPSEnergy which has gone woke and environmentally wacko for non-reliable “green energy”
•This almost seemed loose a set up and CPSEnergy was grateful for URI so they could have cover for its much needed bailout due to poor risk management and mis-management by Paul Gold Williams (Past CEO) and the demands of the ultra-progressive SA City Council
•Over $200M rate payer revenue used to purchase and renovate the 2 former AT&T buildings at 500 McCullough and build a very nice 6-story parking garage
•Another rate hike might be coming sooner than the planned 5% increase in 2025 and 2027 if @CPSEnergy “doesn’t win the lottery or something like it” according to Trustee Kelley – means CPSEnergy is expecting a win-fall from a federal government program like “Build Back Better”
•the CPSEnergy TRO and lawsuit against ERCOT has been lost at this point

•Notes by @CPSEnergy Board meeting attendee, Patrick Von Dohlen/pvd